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Postal Regulation

The Communications Regulatory Commission is responsible for issuing special licenses for postal services, developing regulatory documents and regulations, developing postal standards, and implementing postal standards within the framework of the Mongolian Communications Law, the Law on Business Licensing, and the Postal Law, performs the basic functions of creating fair competition conditions, providing professional and methodological advice, and monitoring. 

The following principles shall be followed in postal operations: 

  • Upholding the law, respecting the rights of customers, maintaining and protecting confidentiality 
  • Postal services should be accessible and prompt for citizens, enterprises, and organizations; provide services without discrimination 
  • Unhindered and free sending of postal parcels, stable operation of the postal network; 
  • The standards and rules to be followed in the postal sector should be interconnected and unified. 

The following types of networks and services are being regulated in the postal sector. It includes: 

The postal network shall have the scope described below, and shall determine the graphic route and control time for the delivery of parcels through the network in accordance with that scope. 

Between countries 
Between cities 
In urban areas 

The Postal Service provides services through the postal network for domestic and international parcels of the following types to customers in accordance with other applicable laws, regulations and agreements. 

Interstate mail 
Optional additional services