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Telecommunication service recommendations

Questions and complaints regards with the payment

  • What can you do if your communications service payment is not coming on regular basis, or if it’s not accurate in some months?
  • You have a right to demand the service provider to make the customer’s payment very brief and clean. Service provider is responsible to prepare the calculation of service provided by you accurately and regularly on time. Thus, you should approach to your service provider at first. But, you may approach to CRC if the service provider refused to solve your problem or you assumed that their resolution is doubtful.


Tel: 976+11304258 E-mail: monitor@crc.gov.mn

  • May I address my complaint regards with payment of the pre-paid service to CRC?
  • If you bought prepaid service card, you need to make your complaint to the service provider company within the valid period given on the card after activating the card.

International calling card service

  • What can I do if the international calling card I bought is not working?
  • You need to contact with the service provider company of that card. Please contact with them through the telephone and address given on the card and refer to the service possibility. If your problem is not solved, you can contact to CRC.

Telephone: 976+11304258

E-mail: monitor@crc.gov.mn

  • In some cases the tariff is not being followed in card services. Where should I contact to in this case?
  • You should check the period of validity on advertisements carefully. You’re also recommended to ask the service reception or visit to their web site and verify what tariff is being pursued before you make a call.

Regards with misleading explanation or advertisement of service

Where do I need to approach if I am confused with advertisement regards with the communications service?

Agency for Fair Competition and Consumer Rights:

Intellectual Property Agency:

Regards with mobile communication services

  • What can you do if the coverage of mobile communication service you want to use is bad?
  • You should contact with the service provider company. If the service operator doesn’t fulfill this requirement, or doesn’t respond to the series of requests of customer, you may contact to CRC.


Tel: 976+11304257

CRC works to make the mobile communication service providers who have universal service obligations follow the minimum standard requirements (network status, overload level of the network etc.) of the mobile communication quality in order to confirm the coverage of mobile communication service in rural areas. For example:

Mobile communication service providers with universal service obligations are responsible to keep the readiness level of mobile communication network at 99% in the first year of service and 99.9% for the following 5 years at public service point in Soum center, and at 95% in the first year of service and 99% for the following 5 years in communication point of herders (Bagh).

  • Where can I get the information about impact of radio waves?
  • You can find such information from internet. The following sites have the most accurate and reliable information sources:



Regards with the quality of service

  • What can you do if the quality of service you received is lower than that expected?
  • CRC approves the mandatory standard criteria of universal service obligation rather than approving standards for every service operator and for every service types in the competitive environment of the ICT sector. Instead, every service operator of ICT sector is required to develop and follow their service procedures and standards as well as to keep it transparent.

CRC works with a principle that if the fair competitive environment is settled on the market, every service provider shall keep searching and implementing multiple services with more quality in order to keep their customers.

Thus, you’re recommended to contact with your service provider first, or research and select other companies who offer more quality services.

  • What can you do if the service provider company is refused to solve your complaints or you consider their solution is not sufficient?
  • You can approach to the Agency for Fair Competition and Customer Rights on that matter.
  • How to raise a dispute regards with the customer contract?
  • In order to raise such disputes, you need to approach to the service provider company first, or contact to a possible legal adviser.

The contract signed by customer and service provider is the commercial contract to sell and purchase the service and is obliged to follow relevant laws and regulations of Mongolia.

CRC is responsible to review if the customer’s rights given by relevant laws are reflected in that commercial contract or whether the service provider is abusing its advantages and do relevant adjustments.

In order to avoid raising disputes, you’re recommended to check the terms of the contract carefully and get clarifications from the proposed company, or review the following terms and conditions before you sign a contract, which are:

  • Validity of the contract term and penalties if the contract is terminated before the validity;
  • Is there any payment if the service or contract is terminated;
  • Notice period before terminating contract or service; and
  • Terms and conditions to extend the contract automatically if you have not made any request.

Please pay attention to the followings when you contact to the service provider and make complaints:

  • Any complaints should be made in written or in e-mail;
  • If you called on phone, write down the date and time of call and name of service person contacted;
  • Keep or note the e-mails or mails received regards with settling your complaints;
  • You can re-approach or approach to the CRC using the above mentioned documents if the service operator is not responded within 1-2 weeks according to the duty given by the Contract.