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Greetings from the Chairman & CEO

Greetings from Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia!

In order to implement duties, authorities and an independence under the Law on Communications of Mongolia, the Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC) is conducting actions through stages within the policy and legislation with the following purposes:

  • introducing new and advanced technologies to all of social and economic sectors
  • providing with an optimal legal and economic regulations
  • ensuring the introduction of information, communication services and applications to the public at high quality level
  • improving the accessibility to the services
  • creating fair competition environment

In 2015, we have celebrated 20th anniversary of the foundation of the independent regulatory commission of Mongolia and 50th anniversary of the foundation of Radio Spectrum Monitoring Station in Mongolia. At the same time, Mongolia became one of the countries in Asia, completing the transition from analogue to digital TV broadcasting.

In 2016, the CRC is undertaking the duties under the Government targeted Programs to improving licensing system, implementing the Mobile number portability (MNP) project which enables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator to another and   providing next generation of mobile communications service 4G (LTE-A) on the whole territory of Mongolia with cooperation of service providers and investors to the sector.

Following to the innovation and development of the technology, we are working on the study, organization and implementation of the activities such as, ensuring the information security in the cyberspace, improving an access and applications to broadband service, content regulation and developing its legal environment.

We are working towards the implementation of our objectives while respecting the principles of fairness and transparency, accountability and efficiency which became our values.

I would like to emphasize that your feedback, recommendation, initiative and involvement will greatly contribute to our activities.

The CRC will be glad to cooperate with sector policy makers, regulators and service providers to ensure introducing new services, opportunities and choices for our customer, who gets real benefit of ICT applications in their daily life.


Sincerely yours,



Chairman and CEO