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Type approval
  • Introduction.

    The Communications Regulatory Commission is responsible for ensuring the technical reliability and safety of equipment in the information and communications sector in accordance with the Law on Communications (9.1.3 Verification of telecommunications network and user equipment, approval and implementation of relevant technical conditions, requirements, normative documents and procedures monitoring) started in 2012. 

    Conformity certificates are issued after verifying the models of information and communication equipment (communication network and user equipment) that have entered the Mongolian market and are supplied within the framework of relevant laws and documents. 

    Certification is: 

    Mandatory verification 

    Voluntary verification 

    There will be 2 types, and the information and communication equipment included in the "List of products and services to be included in the guarantee of conformity" approved by Appendix 1 of Resolution No. 291 of 2018 of the Government of Mongolia shall be subject to mandatory verification. (Resolution No. 291 of 2018 of the Government of Mongolia(линк байгаа)). 

    Industrial and household electrical equipment not included in the list may be subject to voluntary certification. 


    The Communication Regulatory Commission issues a certificate of conformity, verifying that the operating frequency and output power of information and communication equipment meet standard requirements, do not have a negative effect on human health, and do not interact with other networks.