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What is Type Approval?

Type approval is the acceptance and confirmation that radio communication and telecommunications equipment or product meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements.

Type approval is required before equipment or product is entering to any particular country for sale, so terms and requirements of equipment or product certification may vary for different countries.

Importance of Type Approval


  • Improve customers’ belief in products, help them to make a right choice;

  • Protect customers from counterfeit products;

  • Improve competitiveness of original products;

  • Compliant with standards for environment-friendly;

  • Protect human health, the environment and security of the nation;

  • Ensure that the operating frequency and output power of all radio communication equipment is in conformance with the Mongolian frequency allocation plan and Regulation so that no harmful interference is caused to local telecommunications network and services;  

  • Select appropriate equipment in accordance with standard; and

  • Determine standards and measurement of the radio wave propagation