The Communications Regulatory Commission is making the following regulations in the field of creating a favorable environment for fair competition in the broadcasting market and regulating relations related to the operation of broadcasting services that are in national and public interest within the scope of the powers and functions granted by the Law on Broadcasting and the Law on Communications. 

It includes:

1. Licensing of broadcasting services; 

2. Publicly disclose ownership of broadcasting service providers and take measures to prevent over-concentration; 

3. To create conditions for efficient and fair competition in the market in accordance with the government's policy on broadcasting, future trends in communication and broadcasting development, technical and technological progress, consumer demand, technological progress and interest; 

4. Approve the terms and conditions of the special license for broadcasting services and monitor its implementation; 

5. Approve requirements for radio and television programs, control and monitor their implementation; 

6. Establishing requirements for advertising broadcast on radio and television in accordance with the regulation of advertising provided for in Article 24.2 of the Law on Broadcasting and supervising its implementation; 

7. Approve and ensure implementation of radio and television program rules aimed at protecting children from inappropriate content; 

8. Coordination of the basic package of multi-channel transmission services 

9. Others specified in the Law on Broadcasting and Communications

The following types apply to broadcasting services according to Article 6.1 of the Law on Broadcasting.

It includes:

 1.Terrestrial transmission network for Radio and TV broadcasting services.

2. Multichannel service 

3. Public radio and television services 

4. Commercial radio and television services 

5. Broadcasting radio and television services 

6. Paid radio and television services

Objectives of broadcasting regulation:

 - Creation of efficient and fair competition conditions in the broadcasting market 

- Support and protect the independence of broadcasting; 

- Protection from excessive concentration of broadcasting ownership;

- To provide equal and accessible broadcasting services to the public in accordance with national and public interests; 

- Supporting the development of broadcasting services in Mongolia; 

- Broadcasting services should not negatively affect the education and morals of children and young adults

- Supporting and developing national broadcasting works