Legal, Information and Administration Department
  • To make sure the decisions from the Commission comply with the relevant legislation and to monitor implementation of decision of the authorized organization;
  • To monitor implementation of General Regulation Procedure, Terms and Conditions s of the licenses, compliance of the technical operation and maintenance and technological procedures;
  • To investigate and make decisions on disputes raised between license holder and customer and disputable issues which affect customer’s interest and develop proposals for the Commission’s meeting;
  • To examine the quality of service (QoS) license holders’ and take relevant actions;
  • To protect customers’ interests in communication matters and to co-operate with other governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • To advertise the Commission’s decisions, activities in communication sector, service quality and development of the sector on regular basis
  • To create internal database on activities, technology and economics stated in the licenses and to provide the relevant organizations with the information.
  • Prepare the draft investment plan and annual budget of the Committee, to collect and control the budget, Elaborate proposals to revoke licenses of those legal persons failed to fulfill the contract obligations; Provide information on the economic-financial activities of the CRC in accordance with the accounting principles
  • To keep record of accounting, to produce financial statements in accordance with the accounting principles and get audit accreditation on them and publish for the public.
  • Work out and implement training schedules for the management and the staff of the CRC ,examine  social issues of the employees and receive decisions;
  • To develop proposal to co-operate international and regional telecommunication and postal communication organizations as well as similar foreign regulatory organizations, to study their experiences and implement into the own activities;
  • To organize actions to let the Commission’s employees attend in conferences and meetings organized by international and regional telecommunication and postal communication organizations;
  • Keep the documents, recordings, data of the Committee in archive according the related regulations and procedures



LAST UPDATE: 2016/03/09
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