Communications Regulatory Commission implements the authority to “approve and certify the technical specifications and requirements of communication network and customer equipment”, according to the Provision 9.1.3 of the Law on Communications.

What is certification?

Equipment certification is the acceptance and confirmation that any of equipment or product has complied with minimum technical and safety terms and requirements, according to international description. Providing equipment or product to any particular country for sale, it requires the equipment certification. Terms and requirements of equipment or product certification may vary for different countries.

Certified product mostly has any of certification marks. Electric equipment, for example, with certification of European Union or China has “CE” or “CCC” marks respectively.

Communications Regulatory Commission implements the authority to “approve and confirm technical terms and requirements for communications network and customer equipment”.

Importance of certification

  • Improve customers’ belief in products, help them to make a right choice;
  • Protect the customers from products which are not genuine;
  • Improve competitiveness of products;
  • Compliant with standards, environment-friendly;
  • No negative impact for human body, qualified product;
  • Assist companies to select information and communication technology equipment that is able to work in Mongolia;
  • Select the equipment in accordance with standard; and
  • Approve the standardized radio wave distribution range.

Cooperating with Standardization and Metrology Authority


The Commission had worked to upgrade the certification system of information and communication technology equipment to new level in 2013.

In terms of legislation environment to establish the certification system, the Provision 19.1.1 of the Law of Mongolia on Radio Wave stated that “select and use radio equipment that is certified and compliant with standard and technical terms” and the Provision 9.1.3 of the Law of Mongolia on Communications stated that “approve and certify technical terms and requirements for communication network and customer equipment”.

  1. International and national consulting service regards with ICT equipment certification taken by the CRC:
  • Received national consulting service to develop “Quality handbook”, a package document that includes processes from receiving application and request for Communications equipment certification to making decision to grant conformation assessment certificate and laws, resolutions, technical coordination, standards, procedures and regulations.
  • Certification team of the Commission paid a visit to TUV SUD product certification organization of Germany on 08-10th July, 2013 and learnt experiences of certification and received consulting service.
  • With the grant aid from Korean Information Society Development Institute (KISDI), paid a visit to the certification laboraroty of the Radio Research Agency (RRA) of Korea from 26 May to 01 June, 2013 and received consulting service.
  • Based on the Commission’s request made to Asia-Pacific regional center of ITU, the first stage of a consulting service to assess and develop certification system of Mongolia was organized on 02-06 December, 2013, with the grant aid of this organization.
  1. Please find the Procedure to certify ICT equipment model, which is approved by the Resolution No. 27 of CRC of the year 2013, with the following link:


  1. Mongolia signed a contract with TUV SUD product certification organization of Germany to cooperate on product test and certification in September, 2013, after assessing a several international organizations for possible cooperation on certification.
  2.  Basic standards to follow for communication equipment certification operation:
  • Technical requirements of radio spectrum and electromagnetic compatibility for communication equipment;
  • Safety requirements for communication equipment; and
  • Safety standard of electromagnetics of mobile communication user equipment and radio communication equipment for human body (SAR) was newly developed etc.

2014 Main Events

CRC Plan of measures to implement regards with certification and conformation assessment in 2014

The following measures have been planned to implement under certification and conformation assessment of communication equipment:

  1. Organize the certification related operations in accordance with the Standard MNS ISO / IEC 17065 “Requirement for organization that conducts Conformation assessment – Product, process and service certification” and become the certified and authorized certification organization of Mongolia for communication sector.
  2. Cooperate with ITU and TUV SUD, product certification organization of Germany, learn experience, receive advices and establish a certification system adjacent to the specialties of Mongolia.
  3. Cooperate with the Government of Mongolia, State Central Administrative Organization for communications affair, Standardization, Customs, SSIA and private sector organizations on certification and conformation assessment.
  4. To develop and approve ICT equipment list, payment amount of certification, effective standard, model of certification mark and the relevant procedure.

We are planned to implement measures to import communication equipment that is compliant with the standard to the Mongolian market, to prevent individuals and entities from fake or not-genuine equipment and to provide customer safety and operational safety of network equipment.

Further, our Commission will provide the information regards with ICT equipment certification regularly.

LAST UPDATE: 2016/02/18