Policy and regulation to protect children in online environment

Policy and regulation to protect children in online environment

Strategies of policy and regulatory organizations

    Main issues to consider
 1. Legal environment  a  To update current legislations in order to make sure the power of imminent right of the law to protect under-18 children in internet-supported online mode by law enforcement organization and other relevant organizations.
   b Illegal actions against children in reality are illegal in online mode, too. Thus the procedures to protect privacy and information of under-aged children from online attack will be included in the relevant legal changes.
 2. Sources to implement laws and mechanisms to make reports  a Develop and widely announce a reporting mechanism, to establish a possibility for example to explain how to report easily if any illegal content found in internet. A simple kind of this opportunity in particular is a possibility to have a nation-wide direct phone service, which is able to detect and delete any illegal content quickly or make it unconnected
3. Issues to pay nation-wide attention  a

All the involved parties which can be relevant to the online security of children should be determined and listed, including:

  • Government organizations
  • Law enforcement organizations
  • Social service organizations
  • Internet and other electronic service providers
  • Mobile phone service providers
  • Other hi-tech companies
  • Associations and unions of teachers
  • Associations and unions of parents
  • Children and youth
  • Children care and other relevant NGOs
  • Scientific research unions
Internet café owners and other social service points, such as libraries, tele-centers, online game centers etc
  b Study possible advantages of model which can use independent and joint policy and regulation through developingand publishing specialized law to be used on practice actions in order to raise relevant issues of technical changes and increase the speed to be processed and attract and support relevant interested parties
4. Sources to provide education and knowledge a To list and use the education and experience of the interested parties, prepare internet safety information and material that included local culture and law and distribute them efficiently for all the target audience. To involve media to improve information supplement. To prepare materials that identify power to gain through using internet and its positive side, to support any responsible and positive kind of online communication
    To make roles of online security software for children and filter software understood to provide knowledge about education of internet users and providing them safe environment.
    To support internet users to install antivirus software on their computer, to update the equipment with protection software from external impacts, to update or install operation system etc

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