Digital TV

Digital TV

  • What is the advantage of digital TV over commercial cable TV?

The advantage of digital TV is that it’s free to watch pack of channels, which are under the policy of government. It’s also able to provide package of further tele channels those support HD TVs, which are under plan, and new services, which are not included in traditional TVs, (such as multiple new services to make announcement in emergency or to be connected with e-government etc., which are currently being planned by the Government).

  • What are the TV models to be provided with DVB-T2/MPEG-4 format decoder? Where it can be bought from?

There are a number of producers such as Samsung, Phillips etc. have started producing TVs with DVB-T2 standard decoder.

  • When both the cable analogue TV and digital TV can be received simultaneously?

Ordinary TV integrator of TV signal can be used for this purpose.

  • Why Mongolia needs to implement digital TV?

The purpose is applied to resolve the most important social issue, transferring particular number of tele channels to residents of Mongolia through digital technology with high “quality” and free of charge, under the dedicated program being implemented by the government. It’s very expensive to implement this purpose based on the current analogue technology basis and almost impossible to be implemented due to the limited source of radio frequency. When delivering digital TV to people, it will eliminate the social inequality of 2.8 million citizens and improve their lifestyle.

  • How much is the decoder of digital TV?

As of June, 2013, decoder of (cable) digital TV is MNT 68 000 – 90 000. It’s inarguable that the expansion of digital TV cover area results the supplement of a number of models of DVB-T2/MPEG-4 standard decoder to the market, which will decrease the price.

  • Is it necessary to buy new TV in order to see digital TV?

Analogue TV can receive digital TV broadcasting after applying DVB-T2/MPEG-4 standard decoder.

  • What is must-known to buy new TV?

You need a TV that supports DVB-T2 / MPEG-4  standard only in order to watch digital TV.

  • What is the advantage of DVB-T2 standard over the standard DVB-Т?

When DVB-T2 standard is applied, the distributing capacity of channel is 10Mbps higher than application of DVB-T standard. There will be wider possibilities to deliver new and number of services to customers.

How to install/repair public antenna on apartment?

Public antenna on the roof of multi-floor apartment is owned by the Cooperative of the Apartment Owners (CAO) of that apartment. Installation and maintenance of antenna can be performed by engineer and technician of CAO or other contractors. In practice of our country, modern apartments applies multi-channel cable or internet-purpose fiber optic cable only, not installing outside antenna for public purpose.

  • Who is responsible to receive and distribute tele signal?

Radio & TV Network Agency SOE and its local branch are responsible to distribute digital TV through the country.


How to distribute digital TV service?

Plan to transfer TV to digital system

Dedicated program of the Government  


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