Regulation Department
  • To make proposal/conclusion on issuing license to applicant who made request to run the service, or suspending, restoring and revocation of the license, and to sign contract to implement terms and requirements of the license under the policy to liberalize the market;
  • To make assessment/conclusion on operation of the license holder, to keep and update/develop documents regards with their operation;
  • To approve general terms, requirements and separation points of contracts for interconnection between networks; to monitor the implementation of contract duties;
  • To research international new standards and recommendations in communication sector before developing national standards and recommendations for approval by the authority, and monitor the implementation of it;
  • To involve its employees in research team of international organizations to develop standards, to appoint working and research groups;
  • To research international and national numbering status; to develop and implement comprehensive plan for national numbering;
  • To monitor and coordinate how license holder follow the comprehensive plan for national numbering;
  • To approve and confirm technical terms and requirements for communication network and customer facilities; and
  • To perform verification on communication network and customer facilities by national or international organizations, if necessary;




LAST UPDATE: 2016/01/19