Postal Department

Postal Department will (be responsible to) approve license for postal service, zip code, addressing, interconnection and tariff etc.

  • To develop proposal for postal coding system, to create database and monitor the operations;
  • To issue, extend, suspend or revoke license for postal service;
  • To review and resolve any complaints or disputes raised between postal service provider and citizens, to provide professional advises;
  • To get necessary information from license holders and to make assessment on it;
  • To approve postal priority zone, to approve the amount of funds in Public Duty Service Fund, to collect funds;
  • To approve quality specifications of the postal service, to let the technology operation followed, to monitor the implementation;
  • To research documents and guidance issued by the Universal Postal Union and international experiences. To develop proposals to implement the experience and implement the proposal;
  • To prepare proposals for Regulatory Commission meeting and provide the commissioners with relevant information of the proposals.
LAST UPDATE: 2016/01/19