Commissioners of Generations

1. The Communications Regulatory Council (1995-2002)

Non official coordinating board of the Communications Regulatory Council:

CEO of The Communications Regulatory Council

Name The period of date The order to appoint
1 Lantuu Lkhamsuren 1995-1996 The order of Minister of Infrastructure Development
2 Bayaraa Luvsantseren 1995-1996 The order of Minister of Infrastructure Development
3 Tamir Ukhnaa 1997-1999 The order №354 in 1997, Minister of Infrastructure Development
4 Battogtokh Osorkhuu 1999-2002 The order №284 in 1999, Minister of Infrastructure Development

Commissioner of The Communications Regulatory Council:

Name The period of date
1 Dorjsuren Dulamjid 1995-1999
2 Gansukh Burendorj 1995-1999
3 Oyundelger.A 1995-1999
4 Naranmandakh Tumen-Ulzii 1999-2002
5 Banzragch Luvsantseren 1999-2002
6 Damdinsuren Bayanduuren 1999-2002
7 Oyundelger.A 1999-2002
8 Bayarsaikhan Dashdondov 1999-2002
9 Damiran Gochoo 1999-2002
10 Avaadorj Choijoo 1999-2002


2. The Communication regulatory commission of Mongolia since 2002 until May in 2014

CEO of The Communications Regulatory Commission:

Name The period of date The order to appoint
1 Enkhmend Chimeddorj 2002-2006 The order №47 in 2002, Prime Minister of Mongolia
2 Boldbaatar Bat-Amgalan 2006-2012 The order of 2006, The order №67 in 2009, Prime Minister of Mongolia
3 Balgansuren Batsukh 2012-2016 The order №36 in 2012, The order №30 in 2014, Prime Minister of Mongolia
4 Adiyasuren Saikhanjargal 2016-2018 The order №53 in 2016, Prime Minister of Mongolia
5 Chinzorig Gonchig since 2018 The order №162 in 2018, Prime Minister of Mongolia

Commissioners of The Communications Regulatory Commission:

Name The period of date
1 Norovjav Irvuz 2002-2006
2 Lkhagvasuren Choidorj 2002-2006
3 Luvsanjav Namsraijav 2002-2006
4 Basanjav Gombo 2002-2004
5 Badarch Jantsan 2002-2004
6 Battogtokh Osorkhuu 2002-2005
7 Banzragch Luvsantseren 2005-2006
8 Tumursukh Gombo 2004-2009
9 Bat-Erdene Jalavsuren 2004-2006, 2008-2012
10 Sarantungalag Bazarragchaa 2005-2009
11 Ganbold Ganbaatar 2006-2009
12 Odgerel UlziikhutagЛ 2006-2009
13 Sansar Jiimen 2006-2012
14 Uranchimeg Janchiv 2009-2012
15 Munkhbat Buyandelger 2008-2016
16 Munkhbat Ayush 2009-2012
17 Erdenekhuu Norinpel 2009-2012
18 Mend-Ochir Melscho 2009-2012
19 Baatarkhuyag Narantsogt 2009-2012
20 Myagmarnaran Bavuujav 2012-2014
21 Enkhtsog Davgadorj 2012-2014
22 Battogtokh Norov 2014-2016
23 Otgontulga Rentsendorj 2014-2016
24 Amgalanbaatar Delegdorj 2012-2016
25 Jadamba Tsagaanuvgun 2012-2016
26 Davaajamts Choindon 2012-2017
27 Nyamdorj Tsogtbaatar 2016-2018
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