About the report of the Working Group to “develop coordination concept and technical solution for digital radio”

About the report of the Working Group to “develop coordination concept and technical solution for digital radio”

Under implementation task of the “National Program for transition of radio & TV broadcasting into digital technology”, which was approved by the Resolution No. 275 of the Government of Mongolia in 2010, the Chairman and CEO of CRC released the Resolution No. 100 in 2013, and organized a working group to “develop coordination concept and technical solution for digital radio” that consists of the representatives from ITPTA, CRC, ICT School of MUST, Radio & TV Institute SOE and other research organizations.

The report of this working group shall consist of the following parts, including:

  • Current status of the radio broadcasting market of Mongolia, international new technologies and experience of foreign countries:

Under the objective, assess the current status of market participants and customers of Mongolian radio broadcasting market, research the requirements of radio audience and the trend of their future interest changes, compare the changes of number of the radio broadcasting audience with other kinds of medias;

Research the legislation and license documents dedicated for the operators of radio broadcasting market, research the policies which the foreign countries have followed during their transitional period and assess them in adjacent with the current circumstances;

Assess the facilities, which are being used for the current radio broadcasting systems and the transmission systems; and

Research and assess the new technologies being introduced in the foreign countries and how those countries have implemented them (the experience).

  • To assess the current circumstances of Mongolian radio broadcasting market and develop the transition options:

Under this objective, detect threats of products and services which may replace the main service on Mongolian radio broadcasting market, detect the customer approaches and impacts on broadcasting market, detect the impact to have new participant involving during the transition of the broadcasting market, detect the involvement and impacts of the suppliers of this sector during the transition, assess the competition of the broadcasting sector and develop a recommendation for coordination of the sector during transition;

Select the standards to transit radio broadcasting into digital technology, to develop models for infrastructure and transmission network, distribute the frequency band for use, determine the coverage and calculate the radio wave coverage;

  • Pre-calculation of investment:

Under this objective, prepare the list of required equipment according to the selected option of radio broadcasting network and pre-calculate the required investment based on the quotation of digital radio equipment.

You can send your query or information regards with this research report to info@crc.gov.mn or to the phone: 324257 (308).

Please find the comprehensive report and presentation here.


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