National programs

Name of national programs Dates and approved numbers Main purpose of program
1 National program on registration and information system 2008-2012 

Government Resolution

# 78


Improve the quality and registration of government and public services, which should be more accessible, efficient in order to combat corruption and bureaucratic perfection
2 National program on information security 2010-2015

Government Resolution

# 141

By creating electronic database of Mongolian government agencies and non-governmental organizations, citizens, businesses and the supporting infrastructure through the gradual implementation of measures to ensure the security of national security and citizens' fundamental rights and freedoms will be provided to ensure.
3 National program on transition to digital technology from analog of Radio and television broadcasting network 2010-2015

Government Resolution

# 275


Implement Government resolution and increase the consumption of introducing and distributing new communication services, providing good quality services by making transition to digital technology of Mongolian National Radio and television broadcasting network.

4 National program on post to each household

Government Resolution

# 126

Create main network in Mongolia and improve network quality, and increase the types of services provided through the network of the new types of services and the introduction of the use of and access to postal services, fast and reliable delivery of this program is intended to create opportunities.
5 National program on high speed broadband 2011-2015

Government Resolution

# 145

Develop legal and regulation favorable environment to support expansion, use, and possession of information, communications, high-speed broadband networks.
6 National program on E-Government 2012-2016

Government Resolution

# 101

To make government activities transparent, open and to increase citizens' participation in public policy development, and access to public services, without any delay, and introduction of web services developed goals and objectives can be identified.
7 National program on National Satellite

Government Resolution

# 137


The main goal of this program is to develop and localize aerospace and satellite technology in Mongolia, to launch, customize, possess and use national satellite, and activate international cooperation and identify main activities related to the program in order to be implemented.

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