Type Approval

Under the Provision 9.1.3 of the Communications Law of Mongolia, the Communications Regulatory Commission of (CRC) Mongolia implements the authority to determine technical specifications and requirements for equipment of telecommunications network and customers, and certify.

What is Type Approval?

Type approval is the acceptance and confirmation that radio communication and telecommunications equipment or product meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements.

Type approval is required before equipment or product is entering to any particular country for sale, so terms and requirements of equipment or product certification may vary for different countries.

Importance of Type Approval

  • Improve customers’ belief in products, help them to make a right choice;
  • Protect customers from counterfeit products;
  • Improve competitiveness of original products;
  • Compliant with standards for environment-friendly;
  • Protect human health, the environment and security of the nation;
  • Ensure that the operating frequency and output power of all radio communication equipment is in conformance with the Mongolian frequency allocation plan and Regulation so that no harmful interference is caused to local telecommunications network and services;  
  • Select appropriate equipment in accordance with standard; and
  • Determine standards and measurement of the radio wave propagation.

Type approval procedure

Application can be submitted by the locally registered company in Mongolia, which is the representative and official distributor of the supplier, manufacturer of the information and communication equipment and different brand and model be shall require separate application. Any modification and changes of the equipment will need to get new type approval certificate.

Templates and forms

Application form

Request for conformity certificate template

Declaration of Conformity template

Agreement on certificate of conformity template

Certificate of conformity template

Required documents

  1. Supplier’s/Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity;
  2. Test Report of accredited test laboratory; (Test report must be done within 4 years);
  3. Health & Safety;
  4. Electromagnetic compatibility;
  5. Effective use of radio frequency spectrum for radio communications equipment;
  6. Operational Description, Tune Up;
  7. Parts Lists;
  8. Block Diagram, Schematics
  9. Test Setup Photos;
  10. Users Manual (English or Mongolian);
  11. Technical specifications;
  12. 1 conducted sample with RF cable;
  13. CRC may ask to provide more details and sample, if it is necessary. 

Validity of the Type Approval Certificate

The Type Approval Certificate shall be issued for 1 to 3 years considering technological sustainability.

Renewing the Type Approval Certificate

Type approval certificate holder shall return the renewal request to the Communications Regulatory Commission of (CRC) Mongolia 1 month before the certificate expires.

Manufacturer and suppliers must confirm that there isn’t any change and modifications made to the model of the equipment and must submit following documents:

  1. Supplier’s/Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity;
  2. Test Report of accredited test laboratory; (Test report must be done within 4 years);
    1. 1 Health & Safety;
    2. 2 Electromagnetic compatibility;
    3. 3 Effective use of radio frequency spectrum for radio communications equipment;
  3. Operational Description, Tune Up;
  4. Parts Lists;
  5. Block Diagram, Schematics;
  6. Test Setup Photos;
  7. User Manual (English or Mongolian);
  8. Technical specifications;
  9. CRC may ask to provide more details and sample, if it is necessary. 


Conformity mark

CRC will authorize the right to use the CRC conformity marking for the information and communication equipment, if it is comply with relevant national, regional, and international standard requirements.

Manufacturers, suppliers shall get permission from the CRC to affix the conformity marking to the equipment that has been type approved, received a conformity certificate and complied with standard requirement in accordance with the resolution for Type Approved Information and Communication Equipment conformity marking and guidance for Type Approved Information and Communication Equipment conformity marking, 2014.

Application form for the conformity marking

Supplier’s sample letter requesting the conformity marking

Manufacturer’s sample letter requesting the conformity marking

Type Approval Regulation




Conformity Assessment Committee

The Conformity Assessment Committee, make the certification decision for the equipment of communications network and the end user, was established by Communications Regulatory Commission’s (CRC) Chairman’s order No A/186 on the 2nd October 2014.

Purpose of the Conformity Assessment Committee is to make third party decision based on information, documentation and test results of the evaluation of working group of the Radio Frequency Regulation and Monitoring Department of the CRC.

Member of committee include presence of academy, government authorities, non-governmental organization, and activities of the Committee shall meet all requirements of the MNS: ISO 17065 standard.

The committee meetings will be on 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month in order to make the certification decision for requested equipment.

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